Venue Management System - "A key component in our business operations" Adam Grist - Simulation Consultant at Let's Race 2014
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Quotes from Existing Licensees

TracksVR - Canada (Learn More)

"Here at TracksVR SRL’s Venue Management System (VMS) has been integral in operating Canada’s largest sim racing venue. From the time we opened in May 2018 our operation has depended on the seamless integration of driver management and data through the VMS. We have found that the value add that the VMS provides in being able to showcase a hotlapping leaderboard, as well as delineating race events and lap telemetry, has contributed not just to the growth of TracksVR but also the long term engagement from many of our customers.  In addition, the customer service the team provide is top notch. On behalf of the whole TracksVR family and sincerely from myself, we would not hesitate to recommend Sim Racing Limited’s VMS to anyone." - Howard Trawick, CEO/Owner/Race Director (January 2020)

Drive Gym - Milan, Italy (Learn More)

"We discovered SRL in January 2019 and flew to the UK to learn exactly what the Venue Management System could do for us. We quickly understood that to be successful our business was going to need not only high-quality simulators and instructors but also an efficient and elegant management system. We saw that the system was going to massively enhance and assist with our small groups and especially our large groups. It became an easy decision to licence the system. Once we were operational, we fully got how the system more than pays for itself by allowing us to save time and workforce. It allows one person to effortlessly and elegantly run events which would otherwise take two or three staff. That advantage alone makes the system a no-brainer. Add to that the enhanced customer experience, and the inclusive support, and we couldn't be happier. The help to get us up and running and maximise the value from the system has been truly outstanding. We look forward to our onward journey with SRL as we expand across Italy, and beyond ..." - Antonio Tambato, Founder & CEO (December 2019)

Eddie Irvine Sports - Northern Ireland (Learn More)

"We first encountered SRL and the Venue Management System in 2010 when we opened our room2race venue in Bangor NI with rFactor 1. Since then, we have used it ever since. We use it for our venues and our mobile operations. This year we rolled out a virtual experience using Assetto Corsa. With support for that already in the VMS, and the ever-present assistance from SRL to help us migrate, we quickly worked through the configuration issues required to deploy the new technologies. The systems are robust, reliable and great value. We really appreciate the value they add, and don't hesitate to recommend them to others" - David Lemon, Partner (November 2018)

Virtually Entertained - UK (Learn More)

"The SRL Venue Management System (VMS) has been a great investment for my own race centre (Simply Race), and is now a key component of our proposals advising clients on building their own centres. The VMS is an invaluable tool for anyone running simulators in a commercial environment, allowing the seamless operation of multiple pods alongside the incredible business analysis tools. Customer engagement with centres is greatly increased with the automated creation of online leaderboards and telemetry. Although we have tried some competing products, there is no real comparison in the sheer amount of functionality that the VMS offers. Since implementing the VMS, we have been able to maintain an incredible 40%+ year on year growth in revenue. We can’t recommend the VMS enough and look forward to working with SRL on many more installations across the world. Do get in touch to lean more." - Ben Turner, Director (October 2017)

Simfactory - France (Learn More)

"The SRL Venue Management System is the perfect solution for our operations. We started from nothing and built our venue in Bordeaux from the bottom up, all with our own hands. We set up our own simulators, based on D-Box motion platforms, equipped with 90° and 180° curved screens and professional peripherals. Once built, we needed a reliable, powerful and efficient software solution to elegantly manage our end-to-end customer experiences. We wanted to get our customers hooked right from the get go. The solution from Sim Racing Limited was ideal for that, and so much more. So much so, that after our first facility, we quickly used it to roll out a second one . We are now developing the concept in other race centres across France. Do get in touch to learn more." - Gwenael EHANO, Director (December 2016)

ProRacing - Hong Kong (Learn More)

"We have just installed the Venue Management System from Sim Racing Limited, and would like to share our feedback.  We are running a racing simulation center in Hong Kong with seven highly professional motion based simulators. The SRL system is incredibly mature and very powerful with a lot of functions which makes event holding and lap time recording very easy and efficient. The guys at Sim Racing are extremely helpful and have a strong sense of urgency. Their extensive knowledge of products in the industry, meant that they were quickly able to help us resolve all of our integration issues, including those with our motion system software. We really appreciate their help and recommend their product and services to anyone running commercial simulator operations." - Thomas Leung, Director (July 2015)

Let's Race - UK

"When we migrated to rFactor, our primary concern was the transition period; potentially losing existing and new customers, and losing functions of the custom management system we had before. Once we had identified the SRL Venue Management System as a solution, we were quickly able to press on with our switch over. We completed it without need to shut the centre. The simple setup process meant we were up and running in a testing capacity within a day. Getting to grips with the wealth of function was an easy learning process due to the fast and friendly support. The VMS has now become a key component in our business operations. Some custom additions have even meant that it handles everything our old system did too. It is affordable, adaptable and has a good team behind it. We do not hesitate to recommend it to others in the industry, so we can all benefit from the ongoing development." - Adam Grist, Simulation Consultant (January 2014)

Sideways Driving Club - Hong Kong

“Sideways had been in business for 8 years with 13 simulators and restricted with what we could do. Now with the introduction of the SRL Venue Management System, Sideways has taken on a new life. We were able to put in 2 extra simulators, run more small group events at once, it made running very large groups a breeze and gave us awesome extras for our clients that were simply not available before, such as lap timing, race results and more…all that were done by hand previously! Without a doubt, this is the best piece of software we have in our club and has given us multiple tools that keep us ahead of the game” - Nick Swanson, Director (May 2013)

The Race Centre - UK (Learn More)

"The SRL Venue Management System facilitates everything we do. It manages and controls our race pods, screens and servers, making it effortless to cater for single driver's hot lapping, and full on large tournament style race events. It also collects all the data we need to run the business, along with the race data our drivers and spectators love to see. Which all leaves us free to focus on the bigger picture. It pays for itself many times over. We love it, as do our venue operators, our visitors and our staff." - Adrian Thomson, Director (June 2012)

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