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SRL VMS V3.0 Premium & Standard - Complete Package

[2019-04-15] SRL_VMS_V3_Software_Pack_2019-04-15

Individual Components - Runtime Code

[2019-04-15] EMS 20190415
[2018-10-12] PMTS v3.65
[2017-08-10] CRMS v2.05.01

Individual Components - Documentation

[2018-07-11] Installation & Configuration Guide
[2017-02-21] Operations Guide
[2018-09-07] Account Management
[2017-11-14] Support for Assetto Corsa
[2017-02-21] Support for Automobilista
[2017-02-21] Support for Live for Speed
[2017-02-21] Support for rFactor 1
[2019-05-11] Support for rFactor 2

SRL VMS V2.0 Archive

[2017-03-23] SRL_VMS_V2_Software_Pack_2017-03-02

EMS Changelog

New in EMS build 15/04/2019: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Possible fix for issue that could occur when ending race event monitoring. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 08/04/2019: ---------------------------- Features: * Enhance support for Account Management bookings system integration. * Add support for bookings that have specific pods. * Add button to unallocate all drivers from pods. * Support auto-allocation and last-pod allocation keyboard shortcuts when multiple drivers selected. Bug-fixes: * Lots of bug-fixes and improvements. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 15/01/2019: ---------------------------- Features: * Add support for Account Management bookings system integration. Bug-fixes: * Various minor fixes and improvements. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 29/09/2018: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Improve reliability of PMTS reconnect behaviour. * Fix issue that could occasionally prevent correct race points being uploaded for final race in event. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 12/08/2018: ---------------------------- Features: * Reduce memory usage of stored data if EMS is unable to communicate with cloud services for an extended period. * Support for latest remote driver registration applications. Bug-fixes: * Various minor fixes and improvements. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 03/04/2018: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Possible improvement to player name handling in Project CARS 2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 21/03/2018: ---------------------------- Features: * Sort race event results by practice lap times if no qualification or race sessions have taken place. * Display current sim player name value as tooltip over Driver field in Pod Allocation Panel. Bug-fixes: * Ensure Live HTML Event Results Output directory is created if it doesn't exist. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 19/02/2018: ---------------------------- Features: * Initial beta support for VR remote controls (requires PMTS v3.61 or higher). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 06/01/2018: ---------------------------- Features: * Initial beta support for Project CARS 2 (requires PMTS v3.60 or higher). Bug-fixes: * Fix issue where final event points would not be correctly synchronized to the database in certain circumstances. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 18/12/2017: ---------------------------- Features: * Choose whether to print telemetry graphs for all fastest laps recorded by a driver (one graph for each unique vehicle/track combo), or print single overall fastest lap recorded by a driver. * Print event telemetry graphs directly from event overview. Bug-fixes: * Fix intermittent issue where multiple copies of the event results can be printed out from a single button click. * Fix timing issue that could occur when removing a driver at the same time as the contact overview panel was being updated. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 05/12/2017: ---------------------------- Features: * Provide advanced options for controlling telemetry printouts, including choosing between colour and monochrome printouts, and customising the size and position of the printouts. Advanced options documented in propsExample.ini. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 17/11/2017: ---------------------------- Features: * Add option to sort remote commands, remote arguments and remote display buttons alphabetically (see propsExample.ini for further details). Bug-fixes: * More fixes for UTF-8 encoded driver names. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 29/09/2017: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Improve reliability of telemetry graph printing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 17/09/2017: ---------------------------- Features: * Better support for high-DPI displays. * Detect multi-monitor setups and alert if EMS windows are displaying on a monitor that is no longer connected. * Enhance ordering of drivers with the same name in the auto-complete dropdown. * Improved performance of driver auto-complete dropdown when used with very large customer databases. Bug-fixes: * More robust handling of licence key verification over intermittent network connections. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 10/05/2017: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix bug where LFS controls window fails to display. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 17/04/2017: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix bug where Connection Settings window fails to open if EMS has previously auto-detected more than five server or spectator instances. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 02/03/2017: ---------------------------- Features: * Support for more advanced handling of e-mail addresses associated with contacts, including support for multiple contacts who share the same e-mail address. * Add ability to toggle advanced per-pod remote controls while EMS running. * Update propsExample.ini with new sim launch examples. Bug-fixes: * Fix order of race event listing when adding drivers to a race event from the Active Drivers panel. * Improve support for UTF-8 encoded names. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 11/12/2016: ---------------------------- Features: * Add remote control support for multiple Assetto Corsa servers. * Add enhanced race round generation user interface. * Add new race events to left of old race events, to keep them closest to the active drivers tab. Bug-fixes: * Preserve lap telemetry when a lap is unallocated from a driver and later reallocated to a different driver. * Improve handling of race event renaming generally, and with race events containing special characters specifically. * Fix errors that can occur when operating EMS in offline mode for extended periods. * Fix bug causing EMS to delete online race data when local race event is deleted, even if option to keep data online is chosen. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 05/10/2016: ---------------------------- Features: * Shift-select can be used to select multiple checkboxes in remote control windows. * Checkboxes in remote control windows will be automatically disabled if the simulator running on the pod is not controlled by that remote control window. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 24/09/2016: ---------------------------- Features: * Add function to detect and prevent duplication of e-mail addresses across multiple contacts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 26/08/2016: ---------------------------- Features: * Add initial support for PMTS server mode. * Update Assetto Corsa functionality to use appropriate PMTS server instance to gather race data. * Include Assetto Corsa track layout name in VMS track name. Bug-fixes: * Fix bug with LFS remote control window not remembering state when EMS is restarted. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 07/08/2016: ---------------------------- Features: * Detect PMTS instances running in the incorrect mode and warn race controller. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 14/07/2016: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Allow transmission to be changed in LFS via dropdown box in Pod Allocation Window. * Fix issue with per-pod controls not resetting correctly when switching from LFS or Assetto Corsa to another sim. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 08/07/2016: ---------------------------- Features: * Beta support for Live for Speed (requires PMTS v3.18 or later). * Update EMS e-mail sending to use UTF-8 for extended international character set support. Bug-fixes: * Fix error that can occur if a race event is deleted prior to being successfully uploaded. * Fix issue with new connection handshake that can occur with PMTS spectator mode. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 13/06/2016 ---------------------------- Features: * Add ability to override default qualification and race points systems, allowing event points to be customised. See propsExample.ini for additional information. * Beta support for Automobilista (requires PMTS v3.18 or later). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 03/06/2016: ---------------------------- Features: * Add support for new connection handshake in PMTS v3.25 and later. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 06/05/2016: ---------------------------- Features: * Update Assetto Corsa remote control to allow selecting manual or automatic transmission directly, rather than by toggling. (Requires PMTS v3.17 or later). Bug-fixes: * Fix timing errors in race upload function that could result in errors when running race events. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 15/04/2016: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix error handling pod player names that can cause DNFs or duplicate positions in race events. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 07/04/2016: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix incompatibility with latest PMTS release when using the Megane Trophy Cup vehicle in rFactor. * Restore missing HTML 'Output' directory for new EMS installations. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 28/03/2016: ---------------------------- Features: * Upload race event data to database for future display via SWP. * Alter first-run startup sequence to retrieve all required information from database prior to configuring pods. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 10/03/2016: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix pod status not going to yellow when car goes off track in Assetto Corsa and Game Stock Car. * Ensure player name is reset if pod unexpectedly loses connection with EMS. * Reverse direction of Pod History string. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 20/02/2016: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix error that can occur in race events if all the laps for a driver currently in an event are deleted. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 10/02/2016: ---------------------------- Features: * Improve hot-lapping event handling, remove requirement for EMS to be restarted to pick up event changes made via SCP. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 12/01/2016: ---------------------------- Features: * Add ability to launch web management portal from EMS help menu. Bug-fixes: * Fix error that can occur when uploading lap telemetry, preventing future laps from being uploaded without EMS restart. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 19/12/2015: ---------------------------- Features: * Lap telemetry printing now occurs in the background, allowing EMS to continue to be used while graphs are being printed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 14/12/2015: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix corruption of uploaded telemetry data when EMS is running in a locale that uses a decimal comma. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 09/12/2015: ---------------------------- Features: * Beta support for printing out lap telemetry graphs from EMS. * Add fastest lap section to driver lap history window. Bug-fixes: * Move telemetry data when lap is reallocated from one driver to another. * Stop driver and pod lap history windows from jumping to top when large enough to have scrollbar. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 11/11/2015: ---------------------------- Features: * Update Assetto Corsa remote controls with new functionality. (Requires PMTS v3.00s or later) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 10/11/2015: ---------------------------- Features: * Add 'active session' and 'previous session' options to the live HTML results, displaying the currently or most recently active session in a race event, whatever the session type. * Generate placeholder HTML for active and previous event and session pages, so that pages can be opened prior to the event being started, and will automatically reload with the event data as it becomes available. * Offer grid direction option when creating race from any existing practice, qualification or race session that has position data present. * Add initial support for GameStockCar. (Requires PMTS v3.10d or later) Bug-fixes: * Fix error that can occur when re-allocating laps from one driver to another. * Fix error that can prevent e-mailing or printing result data if the request comes in while the data is being recalculated. * Fix error that can occur when uploading race data after a race event has been deleted. * Fix error that can occur if a driver is selected at the exact moment new data arrives for that driver. * Race results HTML would incorrectly show the fastest lap of the driver on the day when viewing a race session, rather than the fastest lap in that session. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 29/10/2015: ---------------------------- Features: * Add 'Next Session' button to Assetto Corsa remote control window. (Requires PMTS v3.00p or later) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 25/10/2015: ---------------------------- Features: * Add more support for remote control of Assetto Corsa. Bug-fixes: * Fix EMS error that can occur during startup if file cannot be written to immediately. * Fix occasional EMS error when removing a driver from a race event or session. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 02/10/2015: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix intermittent issue that can affect display of allocated drivers in race event tables. * Reduce telemetry data memory usage. * Fix EMS error that can occur when calculating race data results. * Fix issue that can very occasionally cause laps to be uploaded with incorrect information. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 23/08/2015: ---------------------------- Features: * Various telemetry data improvements. * Warn race controller if multiple pods are using the same player name at the same time. Bug-fixes: * Improve live HTML results file generation to prevent possibility of file not existing when HTML auto-refresh occurs, which resulted in a file not found error in the browser. * Fix EMS errors that can occur when EMS is unable to access the network due to a transient connection issue. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 30/07/2015: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix issue where HTML race results mirror the sorting order of the race controller view, rather than being correctly sorted in position order at all times. * Fix UI glitch that can intermittently cause difficulties selecting multiple drivers in a race event without the selection resetting while dragging. * Fix AI mode from defaulting to on when starting a sim, if the previously stopped sim had AI enabled at the time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 24/07/2015: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * More fixes to improve compatibility of mail-handling routines with external mail servers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 09/07/2015: ---------------------------- Features: * Improvements to pod telemetry data recording. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 18/06/2015: ---------------------------- Features: * Updates to propsExample.ini documenting sample rFactor 2 launch commands. Bug-fixes: * Fix issue where HTML race results can show null values for split times after vehicles have crossed the finish line. * Fix issue where HTML race results stop showing split times as soon as the race ends. * Retain non-event-specific HTML files after EMS restart. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 05/06/2015: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fixes to improve compatibility of mail-handling routines with external mail servers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 26/05/2015: ---------------------------- Features: * Enable live event HTML result generation by default. Bug-fixes: * Make warning message clearer when forcing simulator shutdown, due to issues that can arise with motion systems when simulators are forced to shutdown. * Fix EMS startup crash that can occur if pod network information cannot be successfully read from saved file. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 21/03/2015: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Stability and functionality fixes to live event HTML result generation. * Fix error that can occur when editing source value in the driver details window. * Fix issue with automatic pod scanning and certain firewall configurations. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 24/02/2015: ---------------------------- Features: * Redesign and enhance live HTML event result functionality, see exampleProps.ini for more information. * Add ability to toggle membership status via EMS's 'Edit Contact Details' function. * Add date and time of event to notification alerts. * Add ability to remotely kill currently running simulator instance from EMS. (Requires PMTS v2.33 or higher) Bug-fixes: * Warn when switching headlights off via advanced per-pod rFactor remote control. * Fix error that can occur when editing driver contact details. * Increase reliability of check to prevent two copies of EMS running concurrently. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 19/12/2014: ---------------------------- Features: * Update equipment monitoring triggers and alerts based on field testing. * Allow race event to be created when pressing enter in the event name field, rather than needing to click the button using the mouse. * Allow multiple selection of drivers in Active Drivers and Inactive Drivers tables. * Add Ctrl-A support to quickly select all drivers in a table. * Highlight event tab in EMS if drivers are active in any session in the event. * Allocate drivers to either an existing or new race event directly from the Active Drivers and Inactive Drivers tables. * Add support for allocating drivers to up to 40 pods. * Add support to edit driver name when EMS is running offline and unable to contact the remote database. Bug-fixes: * Fix inverted clutch in pod telemetry pedal display. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 12/12/2014: ---------------------------- Features: * Update equipment monitoring triggers and alerts based on field testing. * Allow race event to be created when pressing enter in the event name field, rather than needing to click the button using the mouse. * Allow multiple selection of drivers in Active Drivers and Inactive Drivers tables. * Add Ctrl-A support to quickly select all drivers in a table. * Highlight event tab in EMS if drivers are active in any session in the event. * Allocate drivers to either an existing or new race event directly from the Active Drivers and Inactive Drivers tables. * Add support for allocating drivers to up to 40 pods. * Add support to edit driver name when EMS is running offline and unable to contact the remote database. Bug-fixes: * Fix inverted clutch in pod telemetry pedal display. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 23/11/2014: ---------------------------- Features: * Implement new notification system to alert race controllers to non-urgent issues without requiring them to immediately take action. This system will be used to bring a number of new alerts to the attention of race controllers in upcoming releases. * Implement automatic pod equipment monitoring functionality into EMS. This functionality continuously monitors aspects of your pod hardware during use, and alerts the race controller to issues that may require maintenance and could be causing unequal performance across pods. Currently this detects pedals which do not give a 100% or 0% reading, and will be expanded to detect additional issues in future versions. * Implement startup notification when EMS has been unable to contact the licensing server for an extended period. For licensees who regularly run EMS in locations without an Internet connection, this will give advance warning that the end of the grace period is approaching. * Add steering wheel angle feedback to EMS pod telemetry viewer. Bug-fixes: * Fix graph range for forces panel in EMS pod telemetry to correctly adjust to various vehicle types. * Fix swapped front/back and up/down graphs in force panel. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 02/10/2014: ---------------------------- Features: * Add example HTML themes for use with the HTML race status formatting functionality, which can be enabled via the props.ini file. See propsExample.ini for details on enabling this functionality. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 12/08/2014: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix EMS error that may occur when resuming the computer from a sleeping or hibernated state. * Fix possible failure to upload laps when EMS was started up offline, but later acquired a network connection. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 05/08/2014: ---------------------------- Features: * Add support for the EMS Remote Driver Registration Application, allowing drivers to register themselves in EMS via a networked computer in the venue. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 20/05/2014: ---------------------------- Features: * Allow EMS to detect newly-created or updated events on the fly, without requiring a restart, and to correctly allocate any new laps to the event, if appropriate. Bug-fixes: * Fix bug which prevented laps being associated with an active and matching event if EMS was started up offline. * Attempt to re-open serial ports when sending a display command if we were unable to open them at startup, to allow commands to be sent when a connection problem has been fixed, without requiring an EMS restart. * Standardise alignment of pod checkboxes in control windows when EMS has fewer than ten pods configured. * Various additional bugfixes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 18/03/2014: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix regression where drivers could not be assigned to pods via numeric keypad. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 17/03/2014: ---------------------------- Features: * User interface for setting up and altering connection configuration settings, auto-scan to search for running PMTS instances. Bug-fixes: * Fix issue where membership stars would no longer display correctly if the membership table column was moved from the default position. * Fix regression where drivers could be unallocated from pods automatically during race events. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 11/02/2014: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix incorrect result when allocating drivers to pod numbers over 10 on international keyboard layouts. * Add diagnostics for rare case where race results may not be added up automatically. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 22/01/2014: ---------------------------- Features: * Add support for new licensing options. Bug-fixes: * Improve performance and stability of database connections if link to the database is intermittent or forces connections to be closed prematurely. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 29/11/2013: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix title of rFactor controls window. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 28/11/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Complete granular licensing support. * Increase remote button delay to reduce chances of overloading rFactor UI with requests. * Add ability to copy and paste licence key from EMS About window. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 28/10/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Introduce initial support for more granular licensing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 09/10/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Tweak EMS installer to alter required EMS permissions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 03/10/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Updates to EMS and EMS installer to use code-signing certificate to prove authenticity. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 18/09/2013: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Start EMS with correct permissions if running on a system with UAC enabled. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 14/09/2013: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Detect and alert operator should remote display command entries in props.ini be malformed in a way that EMS will not be able to execute them, and warn the operator on EMS startup, rather than displaying an unhelpful error when the command is first executed. * Fix bug that could occur when right-clicking on a tab in a race event. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 20/08/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Add support for remotely executed commands to have a fixed argument set per command, as well as a user-selectable argument. See exampleProps.ini for usage details. Bug-fixes: * Fix EMS error that can occur if EMS detects a pod number mismatch, and the warning dialog is left open while the issue is resolved. * Fix EMS error that can occur when clicking on a driver name in a race event at the exact moment a de-allocation is triggered. * Fix problem storing contact data that can occur if EMS is unable to contact the backing database in the expected timeframe. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 19/07/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Check for existing running EMS instance prior to installation or uninstallation. * Update EMS installer license agreement text. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 10/07/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Display EMS data directory location in EMS 'About' window. * Alter installer to install EMS for all users, rather than just current user. Bug-fixes: * Various bug-fixes and improvements to EMS installer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 09/07/2013: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Various bug-fixes and improvements to EMS installer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 07/07/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Add install and uninstall functionality to EMS builds. * Display error message when EMS detects that the pod it is connected to is identifying itself with a different pod number to that defined in the EMS props.ini file. This will highlight configuration errors that can otherwise cause data to be assigned to the wrong drivers. Requires PMTS v1.54 or higher. * Fetch data directory information based on parameters set by installer. * Add ability to display data directory via EMS help menu item. * Add option to display data directory if EMS is unable to open props.ini file on startup (as is the case for a fresh install). Bug-fixes: * Fix database error and loss of contact details in database if contact added while database is not accessible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 28/06/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Add partial support for using non-fixed directory for data files, required by installer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 03/06/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Display user-friendly error if RS232 COM port is in use by another application when EMS attempts to open it. * Add ability to uncheck all other pod checkboxes in a remote control window by right-clicking on the pod you want to remain checked. * Possible fix to problem where the 'Generate Race Round' button did not correctly use the current standings order to determine which race each driver should participate in, but instead would use the order of the table as displayed (and determined) by the race controller. Bug-fixes: * Fix error that can occur if race monitoring is started and EMS is unable to determine where to get race data from. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 04/05/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Alter memory allocation logic so that on any reasonable machine EMS will never run out of memory. In extreme cases (EMS machines with very low amounts of memory running against very large databases) it may still be necessary to do a manual override, but this is expected to be rarely if ever necessary. Bug-fixes: * Fix error that could occur at or shortly after a race event has been marked as completed. * Fix error that could occur when detecting when to freeze split times as cars cross the finish line. * Fix error that could occur when automatic position sorting was triggered at the start of a race. * Fix error and failure to write out contacts database if manual refresh button was pressed at the same time as an automatic refresh occurred. * Alter spectator connection code to prevent regular timeouts that can occur when using Java 7 JRE. * Add additional diagnostics to attempt to help isolate very occasional problems with sending gearbox change commands to PMTS. * Catch attempt to send empty display command to RS232 port, which would otherwise result in EMS error and possible thread lock. * Rework RS232 control interface code to attempt to resolve slow response times and EMS crashes when attempting to send display commands to multiple displays. New debug menu item added in case RS232 control stops working. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 26/03/2013: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix issue with HTML race status output not working unless another unrelated feature was also enabled in props.ini. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 25/03/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Display icon on pod allocation panel to indicate if vehicle is currently under AI control, allowing race controller to easily spot mistake if this is unintentional. * Beta support for controlling pod displays via RS232 command signals. Currently only designed for use with the Viewsonic Pro8300 projector. For more details see propsExample.ini. * Beta support for outputting current active race status in HTML format for local display. For more details see propsExample.ini. Bug-fixes: * Fix nasty bug with rFactor 'Eurocup' mod that would cause EMS errors and race results not to be reported properly when this mod was in use and cause errors when attempting to upload laps to online database. * Fix bug that could occur when allocating drivers to a race event quickly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 24/02/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Add small delay to remote control buttons to prevent too many repeated commands being sent to the simulation software in a short period, causing possible instability. Bug-fixes: * Revert position of rFactor remote buttons to separate 'Put on Track' and 'Leave/Exit' again. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 14/02/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Re-work remote command execution function into specific simulator launch control function. Uses new remote 'Launch control' window (only available if remote commands are defined in props.ini). Launch controls can only be sent to pods that do not currently have a supported simulator running -- if a supported simulator is running, no further commands will be sent. This prevents multiple copies of simulator software being started on a single pod. * If per-pod remote control buttons are enabled in props.ini (see propsExample.ini for details), pod allocation panel will no longer dynamically resize based on whether any pods are running simulators, but will stay at constant, larger size, ready to display remote control buttons when simulator is started. Bug-fixes: * Fix EMS error that can occur when allocating drivers to pods in a busy race event. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 11/02/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Mirror pod connection status below checkboxes on remote control windows to allow easy reference to pod status when sending remote control commands. * Add support to determine whether a car is on or off track at any given time (requires PMTS v1.52b or higher). * Re-work connection status colours to provide more detail to a race controller on the given state of the connected pods. Connection colours and states are now: - Red: No connection between EMS and PMTS -- usually indicates pod switched off, PMTS not running, or connection/setup issue between EMS and the pod. - Orange: Connection established from EMS to PMTS, no supported simulator currently running. - Yellow: Supported simulator running but unable to confirm that the car is on track. - Green: Car on track and ready to drive! Note that because of the previous feature, running this version of EMS with PMTS versions prior to v1.52b will result in the green connection state not being seen. Bug-fixes: * Fix possible error when unallocating drivers from a race too quickly after the race has completed, or prior to the race completing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 01/02/2013: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Add locking to trace logging methods to prevent logging dying when multiple log statements come in from several threads at the same time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 28/01/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Increase maximum row count of remote command launch dropdowns to prevent the need to scroll unless the number of items will not fit on the screen. Bug-fixes: * Fix rare EMS error that can occur when running qualification sessions with a large number of active pods. * Fix timing error that can cause EMS bug report to be filed when customer-facing race results window updates to show the next race. * Add additional diagnostics and fail more gracefully when receiving corrupt message from sim software. * Fix bug that can occur when results tables are sorted at the point when new data comes in. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 17/01/2013: ---------------------------- Features: * Add support for EMS to execute arbitrary remote commands (such as starting up sim software) on remote pods via PMTS commands. PMTS v1.25g or later required. Configuration via EMS props.ini file, see propsExample.ini for details. * Add ability to send rFactor and rFactor 2 commands (put on track, reset timing bar, etc.) quickly to individual pods by use of per-pod remote control buttons. Buttons will only appear when rFactor or rFactor 2 is running. By default, buttons are disabled as they may not fit on lower resolution displays. Details on how to enable are in propsExample.ini. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 22/12/2012: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Re-add colour coding to transmission display when using rFactor, automatic transmission now highlighted in red again as warning to race controller that this might not be the correct setting. * Do not update transmission state if transmission update request was unsuccessful. * Speed up performance of remote commands affecting multiple pods by sending commands in parallel to all pods. * Fix EMS error that can occur when AI cars are used alongside player cars in during a race. * Fix database error on shutdown that can occur if licensee is not using campaign IDs for sending e-mails from EMS. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 20/12/2012: ---------------------------- Features: * Alter headlight control button on rFactor remote control to be discrete 'on' and 'off' rather than simply toggling the state of the headlights. * Alter rFactor remote control actions to report back failure if PMTS was unable to execute the command successfully. * Add ability to select transmission for rFactor vehicles directly from pod allocation panel. * Alter pod allocation panel to display sim name of reported vehicle/track rather than display name. Display name still used on all customer-facing displays and also appears as hover-help over text in pod allocation panel. * Update embedded database design to support latest V2 database features. Bug-fixes: * Resolve regular timeouts and connection drops that occured when running EMS with a Java 7 JRE. * Fix 'Generate Race Round' button from generating races in the reverse order from intended. * Fix problem with reporting car data from rFactor which could result in some rFactor cars or mods not showing up in EMS, and hence were not able to be used. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 06/12/2012: ---------------------------- Features: * Simplify race event creation and usability by consolidating different race event types into single generic type. * Add new 'Generate Race Round' button to race events. This will take the selected drivers and calculate the optimal number of races to create for those drivers based on the number of pods in use in the venue, and will assign the drivers to the appropriate race. Drivers will be grouped by their results from practice and qualification sessions, with the fastest drivers competing in the last race. * Add support to remotely shut down pods running PMTS. Pods can be shutdown either using the same control on the allocation panel as is used to remotely start pods, or by using the new Pod Startup/Shutdown Controls Window, accessible via the Window menu of EMS. * Add support to remotely select gearbox type (auto or manual) and enable or disable AI control of vehicles in rFactor using EMS rFactor remote. Requires PMTS v1.25d or later. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 31/10/2012: ---------------------------- Features: * Automatic support for race data processing added when custom pod naming schemes are in use. EMS will now automatically assign race results correctly regardless of how the 'player name' is set in the sim software, when used with a compatible version of PMTS (1.24c or greater). * EMS will now attempt to freeze the split times of drivers as they cross the finish line in races. This should bypass the undesirable behaviour in rFactor where split times continue to be output after cars cross the line, corrupting the actual distances between drivers at the end of the race. * Pre-alpha support for rFactor 2 data handling. Only supported when using a version of PMTS with rFactor 2 support embedded. * Re-work and re-enable ability to add laps manually. This can be useful in endurance races, where you may wish to add 'penalty' laps, or to alter the order of qualification results. Now brings up a window where you can specify the exact details of the lap or laps to add. * Update database migration script to support logging when a customer has visited more than one venue, and contact handling code to actually do this logging to the database. Bug-fixes: * Fix error message that may intermittently appear on or shortly after startup with certain dual-monitor configurations running Windows 7. * Fix error message that may occur when race events are ending or drivers being unallocated. * Fix bug in diagnostics reporting that could result in lost error lines. * Fix error message on startup caused by log lines being output to the incorrect location. * More fixes to correct errors that may occur if database connectivity not present at startup, but becomes available shortly afterwards. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 22/09/2012: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix problem where certain lap re-allocations may result in an error being displayed by EMS. * Fix issue updating session data on website with correct session end time. * Adjust logic when error occurs during creation of new car or track due to database connectivity problem -- attempt to retrieve details if present and continue rather than display error. * Fixes for timing bugs that may cause errors to appear when manipulating race events on some machines. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 16/09/2012: ---------------------------- Features: * Support for new, enhanced database schema, with auto-migration on startup! * Supports logging the sim associated with vehicles and tracks to the database, to allow EMS and the website to differentiate between two sims reporting the same track name. * Prevents EMS from uploading car, track or sim details until a lap has been recorded with those details. * Allow race controller to mark a lap as verified (or unmark a previously-marked lap) from within EMS. * EMS will no longer refresh contacts data from database unless it has changed. * Add feedback when EMS still has outstanding data to upload at shutdown. * Improve organisation of files in EMS datalog directory. * Remove .bak files when main file has been written out successfully. * Set class display in autocomplete dropdown to revert to full classname if short classname not set. * Update EMS autocomplete dropdown to include existing contacts with incomplete names if they were added by EMS originally, or have recorded laps. Bug-fixes: * Rollback failed updates to database to avoid duplicate records. * Fix problem uploading session data to the database when the driver doesn't have a class associated. * Various fixes to stop display errors and stacktraces when drivers without classes are registered in EMS. * Add support for allocating drivers to pods 11-20 in race events. * Updates to correctly match driver sessions to events. * Fix bug where an event only valid for unclassed drivers may have classed driver laps incorrectly marked as eligible. * Fix bug where certain records in contacts database may cause EMS to fail to start up. * Fix bug where removing a driver from EMS can leave the database in an inconsistent state. * Fix bug where driver class may be shown incorrectly when adding a new driver to EMS. * Increase timeout for database connectivity. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 25/07/2012: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix issue where leading or trailing spaces in props.ini properties can cause the related function to fail. * Fix problems uploading cars or tracks to the database when those cars or tracks contain special characters (e.g. apostrophes). * Even more e-mail logging when e-mails fail to send. * Don't display prompt to e-mail customers on shutdown if e-mail settings have not been configured. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 22/06/2012: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix problem where EMS may hang on startup without network connection in certain instances. * Fix problem where auto-mailer code may not send all e-mails on first button press. * Add additional error logging when e-mails fail to send. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 15/06/2012: ---------------------------- Features: * Add ability to mark a lap as invalid (or valid) from within EMS. Invalid laptimes will not be used when calculating the driver's fastest lap time. * Remove dependency on drivers having an assigned class -- databases may now specify no classes, a series of classes with no default, or a series of classes with at most one default. * Record e-mails sent from EMS in database to allow generation of mail statistics. * Add system to automatically determine customers eligible to receive e-mail results and offer to send those results at EMS shutdown. - Customers must have a e-mail address logged in the database (this can be entered using the driver edit functionality) - Customers must have logged at least one lap or been entered in at least one race event. - EMS will not offer to e-mail results to customers who have already had results e-mailed by manual request earlier, unless they have new eligible results. Bug-fixes: * Fixed non-fatal EMS error that could occur when viewing lap tables on multi-core machines. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 30/05/2012: ---------------------------- Features: * Re-write database code to use connection pooling for much faster and more reliable database retrievals and updates. Bug-fixes: * Delay EMS shut-down if a database update is in progress until the update has completed. * Fix bug in EMS which could prevent successful connection to pods if an invalid car or track was recorded in the database. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 22/05/2012: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix crash when importing drivers into race events. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 21/05/2012: ---------------------------- Features: * EMS keyboard shortcuts to assign either a driver to the pod most recently used, or to assign a driver automatically to the next available pod, will now also select the next row as part of the action. This means that assigning a group of drivers to the pods they previously used can now be done simply by pressing 'L' repeatedly, rather than 'L', 'down-arrow', 'L', 'down-arrow', etc. Bug-fixes: * Fix an error that prevents EMS from starting up properly with a clean install. * Remove 'notes' field option when adding driver -- did not pass through data correctly, and wasn't being used. Notes can still be added or edited after a driver has been registered in EMS. * Fix an issue when editing driver details and entering special characters, which caused the edit to fail. * Improve name auto-capitalisation to better handle edge cases. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 07/05/2012: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Fix error that can occur when starting a second race event from an existing event with no result data. * Fix error retrieving full contact details if a contact is added who has the same name as an existing database contact, but is added as a new contact. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 23/04/2012: ---------------------------- Features: * Add EMS support for licensees to run multiple venues. - EMS will record the venue that a driver first registered at. - EMS can edit a driver's 'home' venue. - Laps uploaded to the database log the venue that the lap was recorded at. * Support for sending HTML-formatted e-mails, in addition to plain-text. - If images are required to be displayed, these must be hosted on a website -- EMS cannot embed image data into HTML e-mails. - See new options in propsExample.ini to configure. * Support for retrieving e-mail body from the database, rather than from a local file. This is useful for customers who also use CMS, as they can use this to configure and administer their e-mail templates. - See new options in propsExample.ini to configure. Bug-fixes: * Fix unusual case where incorrectly-formatted laptime from sim can cause EMS error. * Fix timing error in table display code. * Add already-running check to EMS startup. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 16/04/2012: ---------------------------- Bug-fixes: * Pod allocation window no longer showing last laptimes (when driver unallocated) or best laptimes (when driver allocated). - Improved reliability of code and added function to revert back to last laptime immediately upon driver unallocation (rather than needing to wait for the next lap to be recorded). * Excess lap warning sound no longer being triggered. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 11/04/2012: ---------------------------- Features: * Embed default sound alert files into packaged build output. - propsExample.ini now refers to 'default' values, which are adequate if no customisation of alerts is required. Alerts can also be disabled completely. * Support for connecting to machines that are used only to spectate on races. Will not record laptimes or send commands to machines, but will maintain an active connection. See new options in propsExample.ini. * Display license notes in EMS about screen. * Change behaviour of 'Failed e-mails' value on contact details page to mark in red if three failed e-mails have been sent, in preparation for this field being used to show failed e-mails since last successful sent e-mail, rather than for all time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 09/04/2012: ---------------------------- Features: * Further additions to the remote control interface in EMS. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 04/04/2012: ---------------------------- Features: * Additional tool-tip help over Failed E-mails value on Contact Details panel. * Check opt-in box automatically when editing the contact details of a customer without an e-mail, once an e-mail address has been entered. * Make e-mail sending functionality more generic: - New 'From address' option (see propsExample.ini), used as the address the mail appears to have been sent from. - New e-mail body file options (see propsExample.ini) to allow customisation of e-mail body content. * Complete re-write of e-mail sending interface: - Supports sending e-mails to multiple contacts in a race event. - Will automatically use a contact's existing e-mail address, if known. - Allows entry of contact e-mail address if unknown, and updates database. - Allows opt-in of contacts to mailing list as well as sending results e-mail. - Supports sending e-mails to additional, manually-entered addresses. * Initial implementation of remote control interface in EMS, allowing external software to perform certain EMS actions. Function still under development. * Improve wording and clarity of error messages should license checking detect an issue. * Automatically provide more diagnostics to development team if an EMS bug is detected (or when manually raised using the Help menu) * Package EMS built output into single file for much easier deployment, consistency, and ease of upgrading. * New configuration option to specify maximum EMS memory usage (see propsExample.ini). Default value should be sufficient for most users. * Back by popular demand: 'Good morning, Angels' startup sound! - Can be disabled via new properties attribute (see propsExample.ini) Bug-fixes: * Fix error that occurs should database connectivity fail during driver registration. * Fix error that occurs when entering license key on fresh install. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 16/03/2012: ---------------------------- Features: * New version of contact autocomplete library. * Complete re-work of memory handling for contacts, drastically dropping overall EMS memory usage for users with large contact databases, and removing several long-term memory leaks. * Improved accuracy of memory usage display in about tab, by calling garbage collection prior to displaying value. Used memory approaching max memory should now be a much stronger indicator of forthcoming issues. * Further additions to tool-tip help on timer control buttons. Bug-fixes: * Resolved issue with viewing and editing database contact details for first-time contacts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in EMS build 11/03/2012: ---------------------------- Features: * Additional tool-tip help on several buttons. * Add support for SSL-enabled SMTP mailservers (such as Gmail). - See new option in propsExample.ini * Add ability to configure default hotlap session length (used by pod timers) - See new option in propsExample.ini * Improve Bugzilla reporting to provide more diagnostics on failure. * Add functionality to view and edit database contact details from within EMS. * Create new 'Reassign Laps to Alternative Contact' dialog in EMS, to more clearly explain the difference between editing a contact's name and changing the contact to a different one. Bug-fixes: * Increased resilience of MySQL database connections and added checks to detect if MySQL connection fails mid-query, and retry. * Fixed incorrect handling of buttons on dialog warning that outstanding data needs to be uploaded prior to EMS shutdown. * Fixes to improve stability of GUI update threads on multi-core Windows 7 machines. There may still be outstanding issues in this area, please continue to submit Bugzilla reports when prompted. * Resolve pod connection failure when GPL reports laptime with invalid sector times. * Improve error-handling in pod telemetry code to prevent failure when pod telemetry running and rFactor car is taken off track. * Fix unusual error case where same laptime can be uploaded to the website multiple times per minute. * Add additional locking to attempt to prevent rare instance of a driver's time on track increasing even though they are not allocated to a pod. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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