Venue Management System - "A key component in our business operations" Adam Grist - Simulation Consultant, Let's Race 2014
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Sim Racing Limited (SRL) - Developed the technologies and know-how to power the worlds first generic racecar simulation centres. SRL now consists of a small but passionate team, focused on the task of providing ever better management solutions for such centres. It has two complimentary goals. The first goal is to make race centres more enjoyable for their visitors. The second goal is to make those same race centres more operationally efficient for their owners. SRL does this through the ongoing refinement and global licensing of its technologies and know-how.

SRL Venue Management System

  • Increased staff efficiency & customer service
  • Delivery of superior group and solo events
  • Handling of larger bookings with ease
  • Promotion of competitive activities
  • Repeat business generation
  • Cost reduction & increased profitability
  • Support for racing sims such as rF1, rF2, LFS, AC, AMS, PC2*
  • Ongoing investment in future requirements & more racing sims
  • Intuitive interfaces & function refined by users for users
  • Private & secure cloud storage and backup
  • Scaleable single and multi-venue capability
  • Simple 30 minute setup process


  • Worldwide Licensing & Support (Used in 30+ countries, so far)
  • Features for Fixed Venues, Mobile Operations & Trade Shows
  • Start-up Configuration & Integration Assistance
  • Inclusive Skype, Email & Remote Desktop Support
  • Compatible with all known variations of Windows 10, 8, 7 & XP
  • Easy-In / Easy-Out Terms

* Limited Access Beta

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