Venue Management System - "We just can't recommend the services enough" Ben Turner - Director at Virtually Entertained 2017
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SRL Venue Management System V3.0 - Product, Services & Support

An elegant and mature solution for the simple and professional operation of multiple race car simulators in commercial environments. Manage your equipment, individual drivers, small, large and very large groups. Run competitions, present driver and spectator information, in venue and on the web. Effortlessly handle championships, race events, hot lap competitions, arrive and drives, telemetry and so much more. Includes regular free system updates, and all the support you need. Support provided by Zoom, email and remote desktop Services. Call or see our demo videos to learn more.

 Sim Support rFactor 1&2 Assetto Corsa Automobilista 1 Live for Speed PCARS 2&Pro
 Race Data Processing
 Simulator Controls -
 Server Controls NA NA NA -

VMS V3.0 Standard & Premium Licensing - Upgrade and downgrade as your business needs expand or contract.

  SRL Venue Management System - Product, Services & Support Standard Premium
  Product Installers, Documentation & Cloud Services
  Regular Inclusive Updates & Enhancements
  Centralised Control for Pods, Race Games and Display Devices
  Management for Hot-Lapping, Race Events & Tournaments
  Audio Visual Operator Alerts & Smart Logging
  Customisable Customer Facing Leaderboards
  Intelligent Race Director / Spectator (Example)
  Real-Time Equipment Monitoring
  Remote Driver Registration Interfaces (Demo)
  Inclusive System Web Presence (Example)
  Customisable Web Presence via Data Access API (Example)
  Scaleable Single & Multi-Venue Capability
  Live Circuit Viewer (Demo)
  Telemetry Logging and Analysis (Demo)
  Telemetry Export for Advanced Analysis (Demo) -
  Business Function - Transactional Emails (Demo)
  Business Function - MailChimp Integration -
  Business Function - Booking System -
  Sim Status Logging -
  Offline Mode (Run Events without Internet Connection)
  Support - VMS assistance via VMS V3.0 Community Pages
  Support - VMS assistance via Email, Zoom & Remote Desktop
  Support - Basic assistance with related 3rd Party Products -
  Support - Premium Prioritisation -
  Ultra-high data cloud availability -
  Usage Tier - Max Number of laps per pod (Monthly Average) 1,500 Unlimited
  Usage Tier - Max Number of drivers per pod (Monthly Average) 50 Unlimited
  Annual Subscription fees 2021 * From 1,536 GBP From 2,064 GBP

* Fees depend on number of simulators and sim packages supported. Please enquire for specific quote.

Your Business Needs

See the latest VMS support documentation for any sim specific restrictions or limitations. If you think you may have specific needs, and you're not sure if our solutions will cover them, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. A call to explore your needs is not an interruption to our work, it is a key part of it.

Contact: for all enquiries.

All SRL products and services now available globally without territorial restriction.

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