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Deliver professional events with minimal (or zero!) staff

Maximise service at minimal cost by streamlining mundane, repetitive and time-critical technical tasks.

Enjoy revenue from multiple event formats

Generate more income (and fun!) with tournament-style events, hotlap competitions and leagues.

Scale from single to multiple venue operations

Enjoy your own private & secure cloud storage, architected to grow with you. Includes API Access.

Go global with worldwide licensing & support

Services available without territorial restriction. Already deployed in 30+ countries.

Grow profits with more referrals & returns

Effortlessly extend customer lifetime value with integrated contact and relationship management

Choose from the world's premier race simulation titles

Deliver the driving experiences that best suit your target audiences. See our Partners Page for all options.

Experience real value immediately from day one

Simple 30-minute setup process. All key features pre-configured to work straight out of the box.

Enjoy inclusive Zoom, Email & Remote Desktop Support

Yes, we're here to get you up and running. But we also stick around to help you grow.

Maximise Operational Efficiency

Orchestrate high-value group events from a central console, or toggle any-or-all pods into simple self-serve kiosks. Transition seamlessly in real-time. Enjoy one product that does it all.

  • Reduce costs of staff, staff training and churn
  • Reduce customer wait times, increase throughput
  • Release team members to add "human value"

Enhance Visitor Experiences

Engage drivers and spectators with live-action views and key event data throughout their visit. Bring value to every minute, not just the time spent driving.

  • Show live "TV-Style" coverage following all the best action
  • Display live leaderboards in-venue and online
  • Provide access to real-world telemetry data and tooling

Multiply & Extend Revenues

Process groups with more drivers than simulators. Run tournament style events, hotlap competitions & leagues. Effortlessly capture data extending customer lifetime value.

  • Sell higher value tickets with more professional experiences
  • Boost revenue with larger event formats, competitions and leagues
  • Increase lifetime value with easy contact and relationship management

Integrate, Systemise & Scale

Combine VMS V5.0 with your own in-house and other third party solutions; Seemlessly manage Staff Rotas, Time Sheets, Bookings, Members and Customer Relationships.

  • Build your own unique business with systems that scale
  • Reduce administration costs, human fatigue and errors
  • Release time (including yours) to work on higher-value tasks

Enjoy Easy Setup, Inclusive Support & Ongoing Development

Experience and deliver business value right out of the box. Enjoy ongoing technical and business support globally as and when you need it.

  • Have your core systems up & running in 30-minutes!
  • Communicate via Zoom, email, WhatsApp & Remote Desktop
  • Build a business with support that grows with you
"The SRL Venue Management System (VMS) has been a great investment for my own race centre (Simply Race), and is now a key component of our proposals advising clients on building their own centres. The VMS is an invaluable tool for anyone running simulators in a commercial environment, allowing the seamless operation of multiple pods alongside the incredible business analysis tools. Customer engagement with centres is greatly increased with the automated creation of online leaderboards and telemetry. Although we have tried some competing products, there is no real comparison in the sheer amount of functionality that the VMS offers. Since implementing the VMS, we have been able to maintain an incredible 40%+ year on year growth in revenue. We can’t recommend the VMS enough and look forward to working with SRL on many more installations across the world. Do get in touch to learn more."

Ben Turner - Director at Virtually Entertained - UK

More Features & Benefits:

  • Multi-Location Support
  • Remote System Access
  • Administrative Tooling
  • Business Dashboards
  • Content Management
  • Usage Statistics
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Global Support Network
  • International Localisation
  • Proven Cloud Services
  • White Labelling
  • Happy Owners ...
  • Hardened for Realworld Complexity
  • Support for Multiple Concurrent Events
  • Dynamic Session Sequencing
  • Smart Overridable Defaults
  • Auto Logging Safety Nets
  • Driver Preference Management
  • Audio/Visual Notifications & Alerts
  • Tamperproof Architecture
  • Hardware Failure Tolerance
  • Network Outage Resilience
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Extensive Hover-Help
  • Happy Team ...
  • Simplicity for Casual Leisure Groups
  • Hotlaps, Tournamemts & Championships
  • Career Progression for Regulars
  • Easy Kiosk Check-Ins
  • Drive & Race Focus
  • Personalised Identity
  • Maximised Track Time
  • Data to Phone Options
  • Telemetry Graphs
  • Automatic Lap Validation
  • Options to Register Lap Proofs
  • Branded Printouts to Take Away
  • Happy Visitors ...

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